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Lluís Salvadó Photography

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Hello. I’m Lluís Salvadó.

I was born in Granollers, near Barcelona. In 1998 I began learning about photography while studying Audiovisual Communications. After some years working as a sound system technician, I decided to make a radical change in my life and began working as a photographer in 2004.

I have been making documentary projects, reports on events and, of course, commercial photography. My passion for travelling and catching stories with the camera brought me to co-create Bisual Studio in 2013. Since then, I have not stopped traveling and living great adventures to tell stories that deserve to be told.

Currently working at Bisual Studio. Almost the totality of my work revolves around travel photography, doing magazine reports and working for several agencies. I’m always on the road, being in constant movement and of course, accompanied by my photographic equipment.

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Lluís Salvadó

08530 La Garriga, Barcelona